[ALBUM] Tame Impala – Currents

For years, I’ve thought about « Tame Impala » as an overrated post-psychedelic band.

Despite the flow of wonderful reviews of previous album « Lonerism », I found it too dense, too psychedelic for me. Listening to it all was giving me headaches: guitars density was just too high for me.

So when I heard that the new album was more « pop » and keyboards, I said to myself: « Why not? Let’s give it a try! ».

And I was damn right! Let’s go through the highlights of the album!

Opening track « Let It Happen » tells everything about the album: super catchy melodies, keyboards all over the place and a groovy guitar at 6:16!

In « The Moment » synths bounce together with bass and « it’s getting closer ». Dare to say you did not nod your head!

« Yes I’m changing » / Yes I’m gone / Yes I’m older / Yes I’m moving on. It took me a little while to appreciate this little pop love song.

What if this « Currents » from « Tame Impala » was the best break-up album since « Beach House »‘s « Bloom »?

« Eventually » is all about Kevin Parker’s voice:  »But I know that I’ll be happier / And I know you will too / Eventually / Eventually ». Around that, synths are like tidal waves.

The story of the girl you will never have and plays with your heart is in « The Less I know The better ». And it comes with the grooviest bassline ever and excellent (and simple) guitar arpeggios.

« Love / Paranoia » is exploring the highs and lows of a relationship in 3 minutes!

« New Person, Same Old Mistakes » is my favorite song of the album. Again the bassline will have you nod your head like you hear rock music for the first time. The lyrics flow on this song is amazing, it’s just perfect:

« Feel like a brand new person (but you make the same old mistakes) / I don’t care I’m in love (stop before it’s too late) »

« I know you don’t think it’s right / I know that you think it’s fake / Maybe fake’s what I like »

What if this was just the best break-up album since 2012′s Beach House’s Bloom? 3 years already, damn!

Listen to the album here:

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Playlist for July 2015 ?

July has arrived. Together with a massive heat wave.

Here’s my selection I listen a lot these days.

1) Blanck Mass – Dead Format

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

No lyrics

2) Lower Dens – Société Anonyme

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

« That’s no life »

3) Mobb Deep – Taking You Off Here

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

« The drama’s over can’t you feel the euphoria? »

4) Christine And The Queens – Science Fiction

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

« La lumière comme dernier geste »

5) Fauve – Bermudes

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

« Et lui qui trouve pas parce qu’il cherche pas »

6) Foo Fighters – The Pretender

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

« What if I say I’m not like the others? / What if I say I’m not just another one of your plays? / You’re the pretender / What if I say I will never surrender? »

7) Fred – A l’Envers A L’Endroit

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

« On peut caresser des idéaux sans s’éloigner d’en bas »

8) iLoveMakkonen – Club Goin Up On  A Tuesday

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

« I made my own style, I don’t think I should stay »

9) Jamie XX – Obvs

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

No lyrics

10) Kendrick Lamar – The Blacker The Berry

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

« I’m the biggest hypocrit of 2015″

11) Led Zeppelin – No Quarter

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

« They choose the path where no-one goes »

[ALBUM] Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

I’ve been listening to this album for a few weeks now and I can tell you :


Until recently, Sufjan Stevens was the genius that wrote « (Welcome to the) Illinoise » back in 2005. It was at the time was on the best (if not the best) album of the year.
But after this masterpiece, I struggled a bit to follow his next albums. Some were good, some were not that great.

But now he is back with this new album : « Carrie & Lowell ». I’ve heard he named it after his mother and stepfather. I haven’t looked for more information for the time being.

[ALBUM] Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell dans ALBUM a2231815864_10

You can listen to it here on GrooveShark but please buy it!

8 songs out of 11 are starting with gentle guitars and Sufjan’s eternal teenager’s voice.They are just perfectly classy folk songs.

Here and there, pianos, keyboards, backing vocals, horns orstrings are just magnifying the songwriting, nothing less.

It took me quite a while to figure out that there are no drums on all songs.

All 11 songs are perfect gems. Many artists would dream to have written one of them once in their lifetime.

I haven’t really worried about the lyrics so far but I guess that when I will, I will be struck with its precise language as I have been with « Illinoise »

My favourite? « All of me wants all of you ».

I hope you’ll all enjoy as much as I did.

This is a major album for 2015 and beyond.

[ALBUM] Rone – Creatures


I did not want to go through the « classic » review for this album…Rone’s songs are like landscapes. I’ve pictured the moment the songs of his new album “Creatures” corresponds to, in my life.


(OO) is the sunrise in Toulouse, while I walk down avenue Pompidou in the morning.

Acid Reflux (feat. Toshinori Kondo) is this very moment, just before sleeping, where I feel my acid reflux down my throat.

Elle (feat. Bryce Dessner) is when you meet a girl and feel immediately that on top of being beautiful, she must be kind and brilliant.

On Sing Song, I am on a train, going east, to Lyon certainly.

Sir Orfeo (feat. Sea Oleena) is the sunset in Biarritz on an August night.

Roads (feat. Bryce Dessner) is me having breakfast on a Sunday morning, in April, lonely.

Calice Texas (feat. Bachar Mar-Kalifé) is me looking at amazing Wine Glass Bay, in Tasmania, in January.

Freaks (feat. Gaspard Klaus) is me in a club, in Berlin.

Vif (feat. Bryce Dessner) is when you are contemplating your life. Past looks OK. Future looks…well…uncertain.

A fantastic album!!

Go, buy it! I will.

[SINGLES] (French) Britanny – January 2015

Here’s the playlist I’ve been listening to while hiking in (French) Britanny:

Toxic – Yael Naim
Lucky Man – The Verve
Black Douleur – Sébastien Tellier
Death Note OST
Chicago (Adult Contemporary Easy Listening version) – Sufjan Stevens
La Ritournelle (Sebastien Tellier’s Return In Hell by Turzi) – Sébastien Tellier / Turzi
The Garden – PJ Harvey
Everything in Its Right Place – Radiohead
The River – PJ Harvey
Quand je fais la chose – Miossec
What Goes Around…/…Comes Around – Justin Timberlake
Teardrop – José González
Toxic Angel – Joseph Arthur
Don’t Let the Record Label Take You out to Lunch – Jeffrey Lewis
A l’envers à l’endroit – Fred
Forgiveness – Engineers
Baby Britain -Elliott Smith
Strange News From Another Star – Blur
Am I Only – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


Goes well with great landscapes surrounded by ever-changing grey clouds…and sun!

Listen to it here on GrooveShark: http://grooveshark.com/#!/playlist/Bretagne+Janvier2015/103463334

Highlight, with Turzi’s remix from Sebastien Tellier’s « La Ritournelle » lyrics:

Rien ne pourra changer mon amour pour toi.
Car je veux que tu passes ta vie avec moi.
Nous ferons l’amour sur l’herbe sous la lune.
Et personne n’aura à redire. Surtout pas moi.
Nous voyagerons pour toujours sur les avenues dorées.
Car l’amour se donne en partage. Et le mien est pour toi.
Comme ce rythme qui habite ma veine.
Je me noie dans tes yeux car…
Car je t’aime.

Hope you enjoy!


[SINGLES] Top Tracks of 2014 by Stève

Here is my end-of-year track selection. A mix of already known bands bringing their occasional new singles, discoveries from 2014 and three main contributors: Ty Segall, Fauve and Run The Jewels.


Please listen to this Playlist on GrooveShark here:



1.     Ty Segall – Feel

Ty Segall has been issuing albums at an impressive pace over the last few years. His latest, “Manipulator”, is the best of all so far. Some might say the production has been polished. I would rather say that his pop gems know have the production they deserve. “Feel” is indeed a gem of its own. Guitar riff enters in my top guitar riffs of all time. The sound of this track is just perfect, not heavy, just BIG. And this solo is just amazing. Best track of the year. Nothing less.

Seen 3 times in concert in a year (ATP End Of An Era Part2; Nos Primavera Sound, Porto; Le Bikini, Toulouse)

2.     Fauve – De Ceux

I discovered Fauve during autumn 2013, well after hords of over-the-top teenagers, a bit before they issued their first album “Vieux Frères – Partie 1”. French band (not that often in my selections) thus french review.

« De ceux » est un des meilleurs morceaux de l’album. Ambiance electro lancinante « qui se délave de jour en jour ».pour commencer. Puis ligne de basse imparable, puis guitare bondissante « . Puis guitares électriques, « des chiens enragés », « des acharnés ». Puis deuxième couche de guitare. « Des ahuris, des ébahis ». Puis troisième pour illustrer ceux « qui dessereront jamais les machoires sauf pour sortir les crocs ». La piste s’achève avec des samples digne de « Le message à caractère informatif » sur Canal+ dans les années 90.

Seen in concert in Le Bikini, Toulouse.

3.      Cloud Nothings – Psychic Trauma

What do I like about this track?

I like the guitars. All of them.

I like the energy in the singing / shouting.

I like the drums going all over the place.

Why did this track made me think of “Pavement” instantaneously?

Well, there are worse comparisons.

Seen in concert at Nos Primavera Sound, Porto.

4.     Run The Jewels – Block Buster Night Part 1

Last year, Kanye West’s “Yeezus” had three tracks in my TOP2013. This year hip-hop with electro production has continued and “Run The Jewels” have issued a great album. This track, “Block Buster Night Part 1” is my favourite. The first reason is that the instrumental is a great 2-keys only pattern, as simple as that. Production does the rest, as it was the case on “Yeezus”. Then, El-P and Killer Mike are damn good with their respective flows. I like these completely different yet fully complementary voices, it reminds me of “Cypress Hill”.

5.     Warpaint – Love Is To Die

I discovered “War Paint“ in Porto at Nos Primavera Sound Festival last summer. I had heard the name of the band before but did not know their music. It was an instant crush. You know this kind of pop songs you feel you always knew them when you hear them for the first time? Warpaint’s set was full of them. I was feeling like dancing. Beautiful voices, bouncy bass, ethereal guitars. The perfect match! And “Love Is To Die” is their best track.

“Love Is To Die, Love Is To Not Die, Love Is To Dance”, they sing. Hell right.

Seen in concert at Nos Primavera Sound, Porto.

6.     Interpol – Same Town, New Story

After I adored their first album “Turn On The Bright Lights”, their follow-ups did not convince me. So it was almost ten years I had not really listened for an Interpol album. Their last opus “El Pintor” is somehow convincing and this track quite represents the album’s melancholy.

7.     Holy Wave – Do You Feel It?

Back in march I happened to be in Paris for a long week-end. Meeting with a friend at Saint-Michel, I decided to head for the « Gibert Joseph » Record store there. Few stairs to the basement and then…amazing store! As always, plenty of interesting things! And one discovery: the disc that was just being played in the « indie » area of the basement: « Holy Wave » and their latest release « Relax ». « Do You Feel It? » is a very catchy track with a bass/drums line together with guitars arpeggios. The voice? Very psyche, echoing from far far away…

8.     Spoon – Rainy Taxi

I discovered “Spoon” back in 2007, in New-York when they released “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” (on which I particularly like “Don’t You Evah”). I rediscovered them in Porto during the Nos Primavera Sound Festival last summer. This “Rainy Taxi” is all about their melodies, their intriguing guitars and Britt Daniel’s heart-touching voice.

Seen in concert at Nos Primavera Sound, Porto.

9.     Ty Segall – Connection Man

Another hit on “Manipulator”. Same ingredients as on “Feel”. Yet completely different track. This time, delayed keyboards are leading the track. But please do not worry, guitars are still there.

Seen 3 times in concert in a year (ATP End Of An Era Part2; Nos Primavera Sound, Porto; Le Bikini, Toulouse)

10.  Run The Jewels – Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (feat. Zack De La Rocha)

Another hit from “Run The Jewels 2”. Zach De La Rocha sample, guitars. Again, it reminds me of “Cypress Hill” and their rock set-up on stage. It is almost impossible not to nod your head on this track. And damn it’s good to hear Zach De La Rocha again.

11.  Real Estate – Past Lives

Sit in your couch, ideally in front of the ocean and relax. “Real Estate” are here to play the ideal soundtrack to your end of spring / beginning of summer nap. You will immediately be surrounded by gentle guitars waving around. Everything in “Real Estate” is just smoothly perfect but in a good way.

12.  Alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine

Once you’ve seen the video-clip for this song, you will never be able to forget it. “Hunger Games” aesthetics with a guy running and being hurt by hundreds (thousands) of arrows. Puzzling. The song itself is a complex construction that blends classic rock to electronica in a hopeless drama.

13.  Aphex Twin – Minipops 67 ( Source Field Mix)

2014 has been the year for “Aphex Twin” to come back. While I do not really appreciate the “Syro” album in its entirety, I just love this single. It gathers all the elements you’d expect from Richard D. James: ambient sounds, acid synths, creepy distorted (sometimes childish) voices, in an overall gloomy atmosphere with rays of lights (welcome to Cornwall).

14.  Fauve – Voyous (feat. Georgio)

2nd track from Fauve 1st LP “Vieux Frères Partie 1”. 2nd French review.

Musicalement, le titre est construit comme la majorité des morceaux de l’album : un gimmick musical efficace (ici du violon), basses et batteries qui soulignent la mélodie et font hocher la tête et une guitare qui ajoute une seconde mélodie qui a tendance à prendre le dessus. Plus surprenant, on trouve deux voix sur ce titre et Fauve fricote avec le hip-hop pendant quelques minutes.

Seen in concert in Le Bikini, Toulouse.

15.  Mogwai – Remurdered

I think Mogwai has a song in my TOP20 almost each year. This year, “Remurdered” and its hypnotizing keyboards has won. Yes, Mogwai are going away from the heavy-guitars. Yes, Mogwai are more into keyboards. No, Mogwai has not died.

Seen 3 times in concert in a year (ATP End Of An Era Part2; Nos Primavera Sound, Porto; Le Bikini, Toulouse)

16.  Warpaint – Biggy

2nd track from their album “Warpaint” to appear in this TOP20. Again, this track contains all the reasons for which I appreciate Warpaint so much: cloudy synths, ethereal voices, bouncy bass, crystal-clear guitars.

Oh! And by the way, Jenny Lee Lindberg, you looked great in tiger pajamas last summer.

Seen in concert at Nos Primavera Sound, Porto.

17.  Ty Segall – Tall Man Skinny Lady

Dirty guitars playing four power chords.

That’s how it all begins on this track.

That’s how the song ends as well.

As simple as that.

Seen 3 times in concert in a year (ATP End Of An Era Part2; Nos Primavera Sound, Porto; Le Bikini, Toulouse)

18.  Blonde Redhead – Mind To Be Had

“Blonde Redhead” are issuing new albums every now and then. And I’ve been overlooking them for the last years, I must admit. Over time, the New-York band has evolved from noisy energy-full rock to subtle-arrangements pop. And while I still prefer their albums from late 90s and early 2000s, I do appreciate their recent classy pop songs as well. This “Mind To Be Had” is just a great pop song.

Seen in concert in Le Bikini, Toulouse.

19.  Beck – Morning

Best Sunday morning song of 2014? I guess so. Over the year, Beck is still developing his own style and even when he is a bit lazy (on his latest album “Morning Phase”, for example), there are always interesting tracks such as this one.

20.  Pixies – What Goes Boom

I left the Pixies back in 1991 and their last album before they split, “Trompe Le Monde”. “U-Mass” was an anthem: “It’s educational!!!!”. So, when I first heard this “What Goes Boom”, I had the impression that time had stopped for 13 years. Was I a teenager again? Well no. But this track is refreshing. Too bad the rest of the album has almost no interest (as observed in the public’s reaction during Primavera in Porto).

Seen in concert at Nos Primavera Sound, Porto.

[PLAYLIST] Bank holiday in France – 11th Nov 2014

I am currently enjoying a 4-days week-end and I’ve been thinking I might share a playlist of the songs I am listening to these days…Here it is:

11th November 2014 Playlist on GrooveShark

1) Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle

I just had my teenager piano transferred from my father’s place and this is the first song I played on it when it arrived in Toulouse. Great song! Very addictive melody! And interesting naive, loving lyrics such as:

« So we make love on the grass under the moon » /  »Love is to share, mine is for you »

2) Diiv – Doused

Discovered recently only thanks to a friend, I have been playing it again and again…and again! These guitars enter my personal TOP5 guitars of all times. Dark bass and atmospheric guitars…rock’n'roll, for real!

3) Blonde Redhead – Falling Man

This is an excellent song that they played during their recent concert in Toulouse. A Blonde Redhead classic from their 2004 album « Misery Is A butterfly »!

« Yet I am just a man still learning how to fall »

4) Mogwai – 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong

One of my favourite songs by Mogwai. Track N°9 on « Rock Action », their 2001 album. Some of you will certainly regret the heavy guitars that made Mogwai famous but…come on! This one’s a masterpiece! Wait for 06:03, look at the sea on a stormy day!

5) Serge Gainsbourg – Melody

I can still remember when I first heard this song back in 2001. So modern and yet from 1971! Amazing strings arrangements.

« Melody Nelson a les cheveux rouges / Et c’est leur couleur naturelle »

6) Portishead – Glory Box (Mudflap mix)

I like the wilderness / roughness of this remix from the classic « Glory Box » from Portishead.

« Give me a reason to love you / Give me a reason to be a woman / I just wanna be a woman »

[CONCERT A VENIR] Blonde Redhead – October 2nd 2014 – Le Bikini

As usual, in Toulouse, interesting indie concerts are mostly concentrated in october, for some (not that obvious) reason.

« Blonde Redhead » are leading this year’s « Toulouse Indie October Festival » on october 2nd in Le Bikini.

Over time, the « Blonde Redhead » New-York band has evolved from noisy energy-full rock to subtle-arrangements pop. And while I still prefer their albums from late 90s and early 2000s, I do appreciate their recent classy pop songs as well.


Here is a selection of songs. Hopefully 6 good reasons for you to join their concert.

Listen to it on GrooveShark

1)Futurism vs. Passeism (Fake Can Be Just As Good) / 1997

2) Melody Of Certain Three (Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons) / 2000

3) A Cure (Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons) / 2000

4) Doll Is Mine (Misery Is A Butterfly) / 2004

5) 23 (23) / 2007

6) Dripping (Barragan) / 2014

[CONCERT A VENIR] Blonde Redhead - October 2nd 2014 - Le Bikini

Blonde Redhead

[FESTIVAL] Nos Primavera Sound 2014 – Porto

One week ago, I was in Porto. It is now high time to write down my review of Nos Primavera Sound 2014. The festival was set in Parque De Ciudade, in Porto for three days, from thursday 5th to Saturday 7th of june.

Day 1 – 5th of June

When we first entered the site, Spoon was already playing on the main scene: The bass from “Don’t you Evah” just caught me within seconds. This festival was going to be great, for sure. The set was good, it had some good energy. The only songs I could recognize where from “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga”…I’ll have to hear to their recent material.

After that, we headed to Sky Ferreira: she had an interesting sound and surprisingly her best tunes were the unknown ones.

As to Haim, nothing to report except: no interest to me, I had a small nap.

We then enjoyed the show from Kendrick Lamar. To be honest, I was expecting this one since his album is one of the best rap album I’ve heard lately. First, he is playing with a full band: drums, bass, guitar and that for sure is an asset from a rapper! Then I must admit the guy has charisma. For all these reasons, the show was good.

Jagwar Ma was on the other stage. Their set was very dense and missed a bit of subtlety, from my perspective. Yet, it definitely makes you move your feet!


Day 2 – 6th of June

We arrived just a bit before Warpaint started to play. It was almost 8PM. We gave a try at Television but they sounded too 80’s for me. We the headed to the main stage and when Warpaint started to play, it was an instant crush. You know this kind of pop songs you feel you always knew them when you hear them for the first time? Warpaint’s set was full of them. I was feeling like dancing. Beautiful voices, bouncy bass, ethereal guitars. The perfect match! It’s been my discovery of the festival.

Godspeed You Black Emperor! was late on the second stage. We thus decided to have a look at the Pixies on the main stage. I must admit old classics still do the job and Frank Black puts some energy into them. But every time they played a new song, there was a bit of perplexity in the audience. It was time to go to see GYBE! I just caught the second half of their set: Moya is really an excellent song. But then, I had the same feeling I had last time I saw them in Toulouse: they now lack a bit of subtlety on stage, I find their sound too raw, their songs deserve better. It was now 11:30PM, time for dinner.

We had then to choose between Mogwai and Darkside. The choice was quite easy: I’ve seen Mogwai almost every year since 2006 and Darkside’s album is one of my favourite from last year. Darkside! And it appeared to be an excellent choice! Same excellent song construction, layer by layer as on the album. In live, the electro part was, of course, punchier with heavy bass and drums. But the main asset of the live performance was the complicity between Nicolas Jaar using his machines and Dave Harrington playing the guitar, oscillating between looping riffs and noisy additive layers. These guys do enjoy playing together: that’s for real! Not only an artistic collaboration. Excellent set! The Pitchfork stage looked like a giant club with fine electro music.

Last set of the day was by Shellac. It was the third time I saw them in six months (Bristol, ATP End Of An Era Part2 and here, Porto). Well, it was a Shellac show, I am now getting used to it. Some excellent songs, in all cases, a very mastered sound.


Day3 – 7th of June

On the way to the Festival, in the metro, we just happened to meet Todd Trainer and Bob Weston, respectively drummer and bass guitarist of Shellac. That was a good start for this Day3!

We arrived in the Parc when Neutral Milk Hotel was just starting on the main stage. Funny fact: I was at their concert the week before, in Toulouse. Hey guys, has someone ever told you you look like the “fellowship of the ring” on stage? Your music is great. Jeff Mangum is definitely an excellent songwriter. Everyone is having fun on stage. The most emblematic must be Julian Koster, playing the bass, the banjo, the musical saw, always smiling! It was great to meet him two days after on Ribeira and have a chat about their show.

We were then waiting for The National. It was going to be the second time I see them live. Last time was in Toulouse, at the time of the album “Alligator” on a very small stage. My friends and I shared a bottle of champagne with the Dessner twins for their birthday. This time, it was different: the stage was huge and The National have evolved a lot over the years. They are now a big band, internationally acclaimed. Matt Berninger has now turned into a showman, they display interesting videos (a mix of on stage filming, videos and effects) onto big screens and yet, they still manage to give you a thrill on their best sad songs. It was the best show of the festival to me.

After all these emotions, we headed to see Slint. Again, it is a band I already see at ATP End Of An Era Part2. I know as well what they were going to play: mainly Spiderland, their hit album. After all these years, it still works so well!


It has been a great Festival. And Porto is a lovely city. It is very likely that I go there again next year if the line-up is as great as this year’s.


Oh, by the way, here is my TOP5

1) The National

2) Darkside

3) Warpaint

4) Neutral Milk Hotel

5) Slint

[ALBUM] Holy Wave – Relax

A few weeks ago, I happened to be in Paris for a long week-end. Meeting with a friend at Saint-Michel, I decided to head for the « Gibert Joseph » Record store there.

Few stairs to the basement and then…amazing store! As always, plenty of interesting things!

And one discovery: the disc that was just being played in the « indie » area of the basement: « Holy Wave » and their latest release « Relax ».

Holy Wave - RelaxF

You know? Of course you do. You just catch few riffs here and there, drums, voices and you already know you’re going to love it.

So I just asked the clerk what was on and bought it straight away (together with the two « Real Estate » albums but that’s another story).

Well… »Holy Wave » is a psyche-rock band. You do not need to search the internet, just listen to them. They come from Austin, Texas and « Relax » has been released on my birth day (for that information, I definitely needed to search the Internet).

You can listen to it while reading this article on their website: http://holywave.bandcamp.com/

What’s interesting in the album is its density, its consistency while not being neither boring nor homogeneous.

« Do You Feel It? » and « Night Tripper » are both excellent tracks: they are very catchy with their bass/drums line together with their guitars (arpeggios in the first, powerchords on the latter). The voice? Very psyche, echoing from far far away…

« Psychological Thriller » and »Mouth Moutain » are psyche pop songs. Accelerated rythm compared to other tracks…I think I prefer « Holy Wave » on their regular own rythm.

« Sol Love » is an acid song. Play. Sit down on the beach. Face the ocean. Look at the sunset. Smoke with friends. Fall…A…sleep.

« Star Stamp » is straight out of the 70′s with its languorous keyboards gimmick. From time to time, keyboards and guitars fight against each other before merging and fading in the excellent keyboards gimmick. One of the best tracks of the album.

Same construction on  »Son Of Sound » but, this time, guitars are melting together. On  »Shamania », you could almost feel Phil Spector’s « Wall Of Sound » in the guitar deflagrations.

« Surfin MTA » is too much « Beach Boys »-ish for me, sorry.

« Wet & Wild » closes the album and you just ask yourself…Am I in 2014? For real?

Psychedelism is back. Definitely. If you enjoy « Holy Wave », you may appreciate as well « Melody’s Echo Chamber self-titled debut LP » (sorry, at the time my reviews were in french).

Nice discovery. Hopefuly I may go back to Paris in june and visit the Saint-Michel Indie Record Store again.


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