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December already, high time for an end of year “2015 Top 20 Tracks”. Here’s my selection for 2015:

1)    Sufjan Stevens – All Of Me Wants All Of You

Perfect (sad) pop song of the year. Nice guitars, magnificently subtle and quiet arrangements, Sufjan’s voice and a love story ending as a theme. What else? Best lyrics quote of the year:

“You checked your texts while I masturbated”

2)    Tame Impala – New Person, Same Old Mistakes

This bassline will have you nod your head like you hear rock music for the first time.

Everything is around keyboard here, Kevin Parker’s mutation is done now! Guitars have almost disappeared but psychedelism is remaining.

But the most amazing part of this track is the lyrics flow, it’s just perfect:

“Feel like a brand new person (but you make the same old mistakes) / I don’t care I’m in love (stop before it’s too late)”

“I know you don’t think it’s right / I know that you think it’s fake / Maybe fake’s what I like“

3)    Grimes – Kill V. Maim

What if the best electro-pop song of 2015 began with a riff that resembled a Gameboy game?

What if it would make you jump all over the place like a stupid teenager?

Oh and, by the way…don’t behave!

4)    Kendrick Lamar – The Blacker The Berry

While other rappers focus on girls, money and drugs (order may vary), Kendrick Lamar is one rapper that’s capable of talking about anything (not that he forgets girls, money and drugs). On this one, you will enjoy the impressive production and feel ill at ease if, by chance, you get the lyrics.

“I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015”

5)    Foals – What Went Down

This song has the energy I’ve always liked with Foals: extremely catchy guitars and clueless chorus lyrics you will sing very soon:

“When I see a man, I see a lion”

And a big sound! Imagine that in live!

6)    Blanck Mass – Dead Format

I discovered Blanck Mass a few years ago as a side project from one of the members of Fuck Buttons. But this year, Blanck Mass has stepped up and created one of the best electro storm I’ve ever heard and it’s called Dead Format.

7)    Lower Dens – Société Anonyme

Lower Dens have a great album but their sound force them to be overshadowed by Beach House. Except when they do write the best Beach House song of the year. Starting at 2:20, I’ve not been hooked by a bassline and guitar riff like this since DIIV’s Doused (which is indeed a good reference).

8)    Dr. Dre – One Shot One Kill

So yes, Dr. Dre is back 16 years after its 1999 album called 2001! And you can tell he has not lost his production skills while sticking to today’s best hip-hop productions. Pure efficient hip-hop.

9)    Grimes – Realiti

Another electro-pop gem by Grimes, Claire Boucher’s project. It’s like she’s captured in this song every electro sound she’s been hearing.

10) Jamie XX – Loud Places

Talking about capturing the 2015 electro sounds altogether in a masterpiece, this is exactly what Jamie XX has succeeded in doing in his album “In Colour”. Loud Places is its best track, featuring Romy. Ideal soundtrack to a crush between two people in a bar, at night.

11) Tame Impala – Let It Happen

Opening track to Tame Impala’s latest album, Currents, Let It Happen is straightforwardly showing how Tame Impala have given up on guitars…Excellent song where Parker’s production skills achieve all potential variations on a very efficient gimmick without being boring. And guess what? Guitars are back at 06:15 and they’re great!

12) Rone – Mortelle (feat. Etienne Daho)

Hot summer. Blue swimming pool. Ludivine Sagnier lying, almost naked, suntanning.

“Pensées impures sur fond d’azur, pensées mortelles sur fond de ciel”

All of Rone talent is summoned on this track. How can it be so cloudy and sunny at the same time?

To me this song is the sountrack to moments when you meet a girl and feel immediately that on top of being beautiful, she must be kind and brilliant.

13) Sufjan Stevens – Fourth Of July

Sweet piano lullaby by Sufjan Stevens. Instant Classic.

Nothing to add.

“We’re all gonna die”

14) Deerhunter – All The Same

It’s good to hear Deerhunter coming back to their floating guitars arpeggios I loved so much on Halcyon Digest. Bradford Cox’s voice just fits perfectly.

15) Beach House – Levitation

Beach House are back. Still levitating, in a white cloud somewhere. And they still have that magic knowledge to create zero gravity songs.

16) Rone – (OO)

Short instrumental introduction to Creatures album. This track reminds me of Foals’s Prlude with its ever increasing volume / complexity.

17) Miguel – The Valley

No Rihanna song this year. No R’n’B song this year. But this track by glossed body Miguel is an excellent example how R’n’B can be complex and straightforward, popular and elitist at the same time

18) Mac De Marco – The Way You’d Love Her

Last summer, in the pines, Mac de Marco has been the ideal companion. His tenderness and joy have cheered me up.

19) Metz – Acetate

Do not expect anything else than raw noise and yet fully polished pop songs with Metz. This one’s a good example.

20) Sufjan Stevens – Should Have Known Better

Third song from Sufjan Stevens in this TOP20. Another example of how Carrie & Lowell is a perfect album.



As a bonus, you could have guessed from the Top Tracks, here’s my TOP4 Albums of the year 2015:

1)    Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

Best album in years. Sad. Deep. Beautiful.

2)    Grimes – Art Angels

Amazing how all 2015 electronica influences can be received, mixed and digested into such a brilliant album. Everything is in there.

3)    Tame Impala – New Currents

What if this was just the best break-up album since 2012′s Beach House’s Bloom?

4)    Jamie XX – In Colour

As with Grimes, Jamie XX has a talent to hear everything, get the best sounds and create tracks that encompass all electronica.


You can listen to (some of) my TOP20 on Youtube here (other titles were not available…copyrights, you know…):



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