[ALBUM] Tame Impala – Currents

For years, I’ve thought about « Tame Impala » as an overrated post-psychedelic band.

Despite the flow of wonderful reviews of previous album « Lonerism », I found it too dense, too psychedelic for me. Listening to it all was giving me headaches: guitars density was just too high for me.

So when I heard that the new album was more « pop » and keyboards, I said to myself: « Why not? Let’s give it a try! ».

And I was damn right! Let’s go through the highlights of the album!

Opening track « Let It Happen » tells everything about the album: super catchy melodies, keyboards all over the place and a groovy guitar at 6:16!

In « The Moment » synths bounce together with bass and « it’s getting closer ». Dare to say you did not nod your head!

« Yes I’m changing » / Yes I’m gone / Yes I’m older / Yes I’m moving on. It took me a little while to appreciate this little pop love song.

What if this « Currents » from « Tame Impala » was the best break-up album since « Beach House »‘s « Bloom »?

« Eventually » is all about Kevin Parker’s voice:  »But I know that I’ll be happier / And I know you will too / Eventually / Eventually ». Around that, synths are like tidal waves.

The story of the girl you will never have and plays with your heart is in « The Less I know The better ». And it comes with the grooviest bassline ever and excellent (and simple) guitar arpeggios.

« Love / Paranoia » is exploring the highs and lows of a relationship in 3 minutes!

« New Person, Same Old Mistakes » is my favorite song of the album. Again the bassline will have you nod your head like you hear rock music for the first time. The lyrics flow on this song is amazing, it’s just perfect:

« Feel like a brand new person (but you make the same old mistakes) / I don’t care I’m in love (stop before it’s too late) »

« I know you don’t think it’s right / I know that you think it’s fake / Maybe fake’s what I like »

What if this was just the best break-up album since 2012′s Beach House’s Bloom? 3 years already, damn!

Listen to the album here:

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